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Venturing with Jadcaps I joined hands with Jadecaps about 4 months ago. During that time, the company had been extremely helpful in finding clients for my villa. Their process is very systematic and professional. Dealing with property, in generally, is a complex matter as it involves financials, negotiation process, etc. But Jadecaps is a trustworthy service provider, and any property owner can be confident in joining hands with them.

Akash Singh

Jadecaps were professional Jadecaps were professional. They have been prompt and truthful in the deliverables. Is reliable

P S Nair

Excellent experience with Jadecaps We had an excellent experience with Jadecaps. Their properties are well maintained and thoughtfully done. The Jadecaps team makes sure that you are getting a good stay along with a fair price for all involved. I’d highly recommend them to all.


they are trusted service provider they are trusted service provider and I would highly recommend Jadecaps.

Nirav Prajapati

Wonderful company to work with… Wonderful company to work with .-Transparent, ethical , helpful and trustworthy. I have had an excellent experience with their service and I feel the price I paid was worth it .

Mukta Arora

Jadecaps is a trusted partner… Jadecaps is a trusted partner to manage your property. I have been very happy with them so far - they feel like a natural extension working in the best interest of the client and with all precautions in place to ensure the owner is secure from any mishaps too. They have marketed the place well and ensure adequate checks are done prior to each stay. Their commercial engagement is transparent... read more

Rajesh sadasivan

JadeCaps is trustworthy and my entire experience with them has been satisfactory and the attention to details in terms making the facility top-class ensures customer has a assured and nice experience at their facility.

Om Prasad Nayak
Director, Atos

It was a fortunate coincidence which led me to connect with JadeCaps. Three positives; very accessible; problem solving and thorough professionals.

I would not hesitate a second, to recommend their services.

Kumud Sampath
Vice President-International, Pharmacopeia-India Pvt.Ltd.

Working with JadeCaps has been a pleasure. They’ve been very proactive not only for the rental bookings, but also with helping with the property preparation etc. Have had a good overall experience with them.

Shruti Kaura
CEO, Corenco Pvt Ltd

Having been associated with JadeCaps team since past six months, we could see the professional attitude and fast execution of one of our deals in Bangalore. Our introduction to the organization was both friendly and professional. It is a pleasure being associated with the team and hope for more opportunities in future.

Dr Shahed Rahim
Ophthalmologist / Eye Surgeon, Dr. Rudrappa's Hospital

Very professional service. They really make an effort to understand the client’s requirements and propose appropriate solutions.

Anil Grover
Director, Prudent Eco Systems Pvt Ltd
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