About Us
JadeCaps is a prop-tech platform offering you a variety of solutions targeted towards monetizing real-estate. Our solutions revolve around Flexi-Rentals and E-Design.
Flexi-Rentals by JadeCaps is a tech-based solution that connects property owners with a wide range of platforms. We act as a B2B company that solves property owner’s requirements around hosting on various platforms and providing a standardized guest experience to customers who are looking for a temporary house in urban cities. We also do vacation homes, helping the customers to monetize their investment.
JadeCaps is the Rental Property Management Service Provider Company in India works with multiple property owners in offering luxury furnished spaces to our customers. Our team applies analytics to offer a customized rental product to end consumers thereby ensuring that the right properties are shown to the right customer.
Jadecaps has dedicate design team to help in developing a complete product experience for our tenants and guests. Our design team has expertise in handling Vacation Home projects while optimizing the revenue potential for the property.

Monetise your rentals

Professional Property Managers offering Flexible Renting solutions to increase the rental yield

We offer a full range of Property Management solutions for our customers

Greater Earnings on Property Investment
Hassle-free Property Management
Curated Guest Experience

Our Services

Branding & Marketing
Hospitality Operations
Medium Term Renting

Carefully crafted with love to small things

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#1006, 10th floor, A wing,
Mittal Tower, MG Road, Ashok Nagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka – 560001
+91 79816 09550
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